For Kaltura and (s)FTP the split video tracks option is available.

When you enable this the recording will not be made by vMix, but performed by iStream studio.

Based on the selected layout, the output screen will be split up and recorded in separated video tracks.

You will get some additional options

Recording hardware acceleration

Since iStream is now recording instead of vMix, you can select hardware acceleration. Once you select an option, it will first test if this option is available.

Recording Quality

The recording quality (per individual track) can be set.

  • low (2Mbps)
  • medium (4Mbps)
  • High (8Mbps)

NOTE: Since this applies per track, low would be sufficient for Full HD projects.


iStream installs a list of vmix profiles you to use (C:\Program Files\iStream Studio). Match the layout with the profile you have setup in vMix to split the tracks accordingly.

Slide source

Slide detection is performed on the selected part of the output you select here. In the main interface you will see a hint (orange). Slide detection is done after recording, it will use the last known value and be the some for the complete recording.

NOTE: Use alt+click to select another area.

Minimum Slide Interval
Slide detection can create a lot of slides, especially when video is presented in the slide detection area. This can increase the loading time of the Kaltura player. Therefore you can limit the slide interval by setting a timer interval. For PowerPoint presentations a 5 or 10 second interval would good to start with.